1. Education – promotion of new market-based policy based on clean carbonfree or carbon-neutral Technologies in the category of GREEN CLEAN ECONOMY

2. Training based on new ENVIRONMENTAL SECURITY BALANCE innovative processes and techniques

3. Transfer of technologies into the business environment with possible participation of the community, region, state, with alternative option of cross-boarder cooperation

4. Modernization of the national economy, namely:

  • Energy sector
  • Water Management
  • Agriculture
  • Biotechnologies
  • Progressive new materials

5. Increase the competitiveness and efficiency of potential partners in the global world market

6. The possibility of imposing financial capital and risk diversification of business in the new industries of the national economy at home and around the world

  • In bioenergy
  • In transport
  • In water management
  • In waste management
  • In nanotechnology
  • In energy efficiency in buildings and residential complexes, city neighbourhoods and the city agglomerations

7. Opportunity to participate in international projects supported by the European Commission and governments

8. Opportunity to participate in business projects within intercontinental cooperation in the areas of :

  • innovation
  • applied research
  • science and technology
  • knowledge economy

9. Create a network of knowledge-innovative communities in the field of clean carbon-free technnologies based on GREEN CLEAN ECONOMY.